Google Ads

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is that the preferred and effective computer program promoting platform. Google AdWords has provided unnumbered businesses, from one-woman operations to corporations with many staff, with cost-efficient and qualified results in their web site. By selecting keywords, writing effective ad copy, and mistreatment advanced bidding methods, businesses will get pleasure from top-of-page exposure in Google search results.

There area unit folks sorting out what your company offers everyday — your web site and business must be visible in paid search results. we tend to systematically demonstrate our ability to:

  • Increase visits from SEM
  • Increase conversions whereas reducing certified public accountant
  • Increase sales
  • Increase market share

Seo2maker managing your AdWords campaigns:

  • Keyword analysis associate degreed Selection: whether or not you have got an existing pay-per-click movement or not, we tend to perform keyword analysis as a best observe to make sure the campaigns area unit using the acceptable keywords.
  • inventive Development: Our pay-per-click management includes custom and distinctive inventive writing (titles and descriptions) to assist maximize click-through and conversion rates.
  • Landing Page Identification: we tend to determine the simplest existing destination or suggest enhancements to facilitate web site level conversion
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Pricing: You pay just for the clicks you receive at a value you have set (choose a most CPC from $1 to $100)
  • Daily Budget: Set it in step with your comfort and management
  • Ad Scheduling: Run your ads on the times and hours you would like
  • Performance Reports: on the market 24/7 on-line in your account