Website Analysis

What is Website Analysis

In order for SEO Seo2Maker to accurately have interaction in SEO operations, we tend to 1st perform Associate in Nursing analysis of your web site. we tend to gather info concerning the general size of the web site in pages, perform Associate in Nursing in-depth web site review, and compare your web site to the websites of your competitors.

Throughout now, we tend to area unit ready to begin designing our careful SEO strategy, perform keyword analysis, and confirm the amount of keywords to implement similarly as a way to optimize title and meta tags.

Technical Preparation

We interact associate exceedingly heap of preparation to make sure that your web site meets varied technical standards to make sure that guests are ready to access an accessible web site and search engines are ready to effectively crawl the website’s content. we access a good kind of tools starting from Google’s “Analytics” service to proprietary applications where as testing the performance of the web site. Seo2Maker provides best class technical preparation.